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The beginning of the beginning..

So. Every once in a while a 23 year old wakes up somewhere in the world with a unique dream. One that he be heard by millions, and be scrutinised by grammar nazis for not using oxford commas. Some of them go on to change the world, but those of them who can’t ride the whole road, decide to start blogging. And for now I’m the later kind. Before I tell you what I'm going to write about, let me tell you a bit about me.

On second thoughts, I didn't really need to start a new paragraph for telling you about me, coz tbh the story fits in a line. I’m a YAGI, yet another geeky Indian guy — who knows something about everything, like literally every crappy thing ever tweeted about, but sucks at pretty much any one thing! Idk man. that’s one loong line.

Then again, what’s one to do if he’s to become successful if one isn't that good at anything? The answer used to be start teaching. But in this digital age, we just go online and start talking to total strangers, like you, that is if you are still reading this — which you obviously are ;)

Now I know I'm supposed to blog about things I actually know and care about. That sadly is pretty much everything under the universe. But you are supposed read blogs about things you don’t know and care about, and one the blogger really knows about. That puts me in a dilemma that you are never really gonna read up to this, even with my cheesy attempt at humor. But hey, you’re still reading this, so I’m gonna go ahead with my plan!

Only two types of people should still be reading this. One is coz you are one of those guys who I mentioned about, who woke up today with the same dream I had. Then now is when you click Sign Up in top right and start you’re own blog about how little you know about the things you know. Go ahead dude, you can leave. Bye!

But if that’s not why you wasted one minute of your precious time, then I’m gonna thank you for kindness man. Now I’m gonna try and talk about everything under the sun (and around), with the intention that you’ll find at-least one post you’ll find useful. And if you have more of those precious minutes, carry on and start reading my blog, I’ll owe you a debt forever. One I hope I’ll pay you back with what I write from now on.


Cyber Security Specialist from Amrita University.. arjunv.com

Cyber Security Specialist from Amrita University.. arjunv.com