3D shadow of a 4D being..

When a person living in 3 dimensions look at a 2D flatland,like a sheet of paper, he can see everything happening in that world. To a person living in the flatland, it would appear supernatural that his world can be seen like that, for all he sees are lines and dots around him. So wouldn’t someone in a 4D world be able to see everything that happening at that time anywhere in our 3D world?

Taking the concept one dimension higher, a person in a 5D world should be able to see and interact with everything in our universe at any point of time, in the past or even the future.
Hmm, as sure as I am that God is simply a 3 letter answer our ancestors gave to questions they couldn’t fathom, this hypothesis of existence of higher dimensions would theoretically give every ‘super powers’ Gods have been credited to have, to any entities able to ‘see’, for a lack of better word, these dimensions.

For example, when a 3D person enters the flatland, to a 2D person in it, it would appear that another 2D person appeared out of nowhere. So should a 4D person decides to pop into our world, we would perceive it as a 3D person simply appearing out of thin air. And a 5D entity would be able to present as a 3D ‘person’ in multiple places at the same time or, everywhere at any time. Strike something huh?

Now to a flatland person, the presence of beings outside of that flat surface would be a head scratching concept. Just like it is for us, to visualize the presence of higher dimensions we can’t see, but only when they ‘enter’ our 3D world. So someone writing about presence of such a ‘God’ would simply depict them as being up in the sky, like scriptures of all religions did.
I’m not trying to say that I’m not an atheist or something, but just that if there was a ‘need’ for a God, it sure as hell is possible, as hard as it is for us to perceive.

Talking of hell and heaven by the way, not that impossible as we thought huh.. ;)

and we thought Inception was complex!

Cyber Security Specialist from Amrita University.. arjunv.com

Cyber Security Specialist from Amrita University.. arjunv.com