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So it’s been pretty much confirmed that life exists outside of our blue planet. And from the looks of it, just about every star we see in the night sky had, will have or still has life in it.

Funny thing is, I keep hearing that life out there won’t be anything like how we know it by. But I think that’s just our big ego talking. We think we are too special. Thing is, by Copernican theory, nothing around us is special and we are not the center of the universe(newsflash). So whatever happened here, pretty much the same would happen everywhere else. Depicting aliens ugly and weird like they do in Hollywood movies, just shows how much we are afraid of the unknown.

Life on earth is made up of just 26 chemicals and mainly 6 elements. As long as these chemicals are present in a similar ratio, life on those planets would be similar to what we have too. While there are other studies going on, I think carbon is fairly special enough for, most of the life out there being carbon based. And if it starts out the same way, which it will since it’s starting out with the same ingredients, there’s a good chance that it’ll end up in the same way. While many consider evolution a process, I think it’s just a name given to the concept, “whatever happened, happened”. In a long enough run, everything than can happen will happen and life has been through quite a long run indeed. Just like in the Kevin Spacey movie K-Pax, bubbles are round wherever they are and life will not be that different here or there. So if an alien ships lands right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if say a look alike of Matthew McConaughey (yes, I googled how to spell his name) walks out. I think alien life would be less bizarre than many I’ve seen here on earth.

Outside of carbon, the only possible life form I can think of (that’s a nope on the ‘life on stars’ theory guys), is one based on silicon. It does have attributes which can be used to build a life form out of. Although it’d be funny right?, if we atlast land on a alien planet and find laptops and mobile phones ‘growing’ in the beaches there? btw who do you think will sue aliens first? my bet’s on Microsoft! :P

But the most important factor is the time frame. If earth is exactly one year old, then life on earth started just a second before midnight on December 31st. And intelligent life as we know it, well that too has been around for just one second, if life on earth is one year old. So while the odds are stacked on aliens being out there, what matters is life existing on communicable distance at this time. And since we can’t really see what’s going on in those planets, and unless they are intelligent living beings able to communicate using similar technology as we do, we won’t really know that life actually exists in any of them. And the odds are stacked up pretty high that it’ll never happen in the time humans are around. Chances are NASA’ll end up with a long strip of paper with planets where life is possible a hundreds years from now before they get decommissioned.

Btw if by an unlucky contradiction to the Copernican theorem, there are aliens with planet destroying ships going around, the last thing we should be doing right now is trying to contact them. I’d say keep on listening to the noise and stfu, till we hear alien John Lennon singing from the other side. Coz then, everything will be just alright..

Cyber Security Specialist from Amrita University.. arjunv.com

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