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Anybody who watches tons of youtube videos and reads a lot of scientific articles or research papers (i mean, attempt to read their abstract section) about any topic, is always bound to get one of those aha moments of exclamation.

Ofcourse, most of those bubbles are broken quite quickly after a google search, when you find a quora question or a reddit discussion where that idea has already been discussed to death.

Now, I had one of those moments (among hundreds of such broken ones to be honest) a few months back, as I was reading an article about ‘how…

Yet Another Wicked #NSA Story (Part 1)

Once upon a time in a democratic country far far away, there lived an evil Dark Lord. A man born in the deepest of hells, cast into the mortal world by powers unknown jealous of us. His darkness was only dwarfed by his powers of persuasion. He was so evil, it’s said, that any man who went near him would start living his darkest nightmares. He could smell the faintest dark thoughts in men around him, and with one look of his grey eyes, those thoughts would grow in them, till evil was…

So did you learn about the magical world of aliases and functions in bash?

So do you now type `ag` instead of `sudo apt-get` and found out that pressing tab doesn’t show options in apt-get? What started out as a crusade to save yourself from typing 10 letters, ended up with you typing 20?

Luckily there’s a way out for you and here goes:

sudo nano /usr/local/bin/

Now add the following code in this file:

# Automatically add completion for all aliases to commands having completion functions
function alias_completion {
local namespace=”alias_completion”
# parse function based completion definitions, where capture…

So did you install Kubuntu 15.10 recently (high five) and wants to touch the cloud with your fingers? Here goes:

The easiest way is to headless install the daemon from your Konsole. Depending on your system architecture, choose the right option:


cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -


cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -

Now just run from a Konsole window


This will start an interface the first time around for you to login. Once you have logged in the files will be retrieved in the background. …

obligatory random image of some galaxy!

So it’s been pretty much confirmed that life exists outside of our blue planet. And from the looks of it, just about every star we see in the night sky had, will have or still has life in it.

Funny thing is, I keep hearing that life out there won’t be anything like how we know it by. But I think that’s just our big ego talking. We think we are too special. Thing is, by Copernican theory, nothing around us is special and we are not the center of the universe(newsflash). So whatever happened here, pretty much the same…

When a person living in 3 dimensions look at a 2D flatland,like a sheet of paper, he can see everything happening in that world. To a person living in the flatland, it would appear supernatural that his world can be seen like that, for all he sees are lines and dots around him. So wouldn’t someone in a 4D world be able to see everything that happening at that time anywhere in our 3D world?

Taking the concept one dimension higher, a person in a 5D world should be able to see and interact with everything in our universe at…

obligatory laptop + coffee + table photo of some random guy

So. Every once in a while a 23 year old wakes up somewhere in the world with a unique dream. One that he be heard by millions, and be scrutinised by grammar nazis for not using oxford commas. Some of them go on to change the world, but those of them who can’t ride the whole road, decide to start blogging. And for now I’m the later kind. Before I tell you what I'm going to write about, let me tell you a bit about me.

On second thoughts, I didn't really need to start a new paragraph for telling…

Arjun V

Cyber Security Specialist from Amrita University..

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